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Now available in North America!


ADAPTIVE FOCUS TECHNOLOGY: Digital media challenges the adaptability of the eyes. Optimization of near and intermediate visual fields reduces visual fatigue, neck pain and headache.

CONTINUUM DESIGN TECHNOLOGY: Surface shape calculations are done over the whole surface of the lens rather than certain set points. Result: Up to 4 times more high definition resolution than other Freeform technology lenses.

RAY TRACING: This technique traces rays of light through the lens to optimize the shape. Results in the best possible front and back shape for the prescription.

SMART BLENDING TECHNOLOGY: This circular blending process gradually reduces the peripheral thickness of the lens, as if it were a handcrafted piece. Result: optimum thickness for the frame type, prescription and lens diameter.

SMART FIT TECHNOLOGY: Takes the “Position of Wear” and frame geometric shape into consideration. Results in 40% reduction in thickness and a custom made lens in the carving process.

RAYSAFE: Stay safe with Raysafe! This is not a coating, but a material that is almost colourless and offers protection from UV 400 - 420nm emitted by TVs, computers, smartphones and the sun. All Raysafe lenses come with ULTRON Super Hydrophobic AR coating. Details

PHOTOSITIONS: Solar power lenses! Indoors and out— your 
“Everywhere lens”. Fast to dark, fast to clear, easy on the eyes. Details

PEARLON AR: Glare free anti-reflective, water repellant
and dust resistant. Details

PHOTOSITIONS UV SMART: A unique material developed by
Asahi, which blocks harmful UV rays from 400 to 420nm while offering full photochromic performance. Details

ULTRON: AR coating that is easy to clean, easy to use, glare free, water repellant, oil repellant, dust resistant and fingerprint friendly. Details

DURON HC: Scratch protection, toughness and durability that
adds a long life to your lenses. Details

We’re a relationship company that provides Japanese quality lenses to the eyeglass industry through a unique concept we call “partnership”.

Putting quality eyeglass lenses on faces is simply the by-product of what we do. Having fun and creating value is why we  do it, and that is the primary focus of Asahi-Lite by Hyalos. Since 1980, Asahi-Lite Japan has pioneered the eyeglass lens manufacturing process and is excited to be launching, for the first time ever, a full range of Branded Asahi-Lite lenses in Canada.

Asahi-Lite by Hyalos is here and ready to positively impact the eyeglass market.