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For the first time, Asahi Lite, the original creator of 1.60, 1.67,  and 1.74 lenses, is launching it’s Premium line of Rx, Finished and Semi-Finished lenses in North America.

We are a full-service eyeglass lens manufacturer with decades of experience, providing you with quality, innovative eyeglass lenses.

Servicing the independent Eye Care Professional market, we focus our attention on details to ensure that every lens we produce and every order we process meets or exceeds your satisfaction, and if  it doesn’t, we go above and beyond to make it that way

We’re a relationship company that provides Japanese quality lenses to the eyeglass industry through a unique concept we call “partnership”.

Putting quality eyeglass lenses on faces is simply the by-product of what we do. Having fun and creating value is why we  do it, and that is the primary focus of Asahi-Lite by Hyalos. Since 1980, Asahi-Lite Japan has pioneered the eyeglass lens manufacturing process and is excited to be launching, for the first time ever, a full range of Branded Asahi-Lite lenses in Canada.

Asahi-Lite by Hyalos is here and ready to positively impact the eyeglass market.