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For the first time, Asahi Lite, the original creator of 1.60, 1.67, and 1.74 lenses, is launching it's Premium line of Rx, Finished, and Semi-Finished lenses in North America.

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Life has never looked so good!
We're an old company, with a rich heritage.

As the creators of High Index Lenses, and the current #2 worldwide producer of 1.74 lenses, Asahi-Lite is excited to enter into the North American market, and for the first time ever, provide this Eyeglass Industry with a full-line of Asahi-Lite branded lenses.

Our complete, premium Asahi-Lite line includes Rx, finished and semi-finished eyeglass lenses in every index.

in Japan
1.60 Index
1.67 Index
1.74 Index
Asahi-Lite is
the #2 supplier of
1.74 lenses Worldwide.
Full-Line Launch in
North America
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Asahi-Lite Japan has hand selected the North America team to best represent its rich history in innovation and dedication to craftsmanship.

This team features lens professionals and industry entrepreneurs that combined offer centuries of experience in the management of multi-national laboratories, as well as decades of working for some of the top consumer brands in the industry, with a focus on the direct interaction with Eye Care Professionals.

Through this grass roots history and holistic approach, Asahi-Lite, North America brings a new alternative to the Eyeglass market.

With a passion for doing business ethically and transparently, we support independent eyecare.

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A focus on simplicity.

We are a full-service eyeglass lens manufacturer with decades of experience, providing you with quality, innovative eyeglass lenses without all of the layers.

Servicing the independent Eye Care Professional market, we focus our attention on details to ensure that every lens we produce and every order we process meets or exceeds your satisfaction, and if it doesn't, we go above and beyond to make it that way.

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  • ME
    our premium progressive lens
    Because it's all about you.
    Fully personalized, providing the ultimate in: Accuracy | Protection | Comfort
    the everyday lens
    for everyday people
    Positively uncompromising optics.
    Seeing the good in every day: Reliable performance | Easy to wear | Trusted technology
  • ONE
    single vision digital freeform -
    stock and Rx
    Experience more, see more.
    Premium optics for distance or reading: Thinest | Lightest | Ultimate visual acuity
    eyestrain reducing
    anti fatigue lenses
    Providing comfort for tired eyes.
    Too young for progressives? Eyes working too hard? Your partner lens to help you get through the day.
  • WORK
    your posture positive lens
    for productivity
    From your book to your computer.
    Seamless optics | Visual comfort | Increased efficiency
    the ultimate
    coating technology
    Easy to clean, easy to use.
    Glare free | Water repellant | Grease repellant | dust resistant | Fingerprint friendly
    the ultimate in
    UV and blue-light protection
    Stay safe with Raysafe.
    Protect from digital devices: TVs, computers, smartphones | Protect from: harmful rays of the sun
    the ultimate in
    scratch resistance
    As tough as your dad.
    Scratch protection, toughness, durability: Designed to add longevity to your lenses.
    solar power lenses
    Indoors and out - your "every wear" lens!
    Fast to dark | Fast to clear | Easy on the eyes
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