OPTIMIZED CLARITY IN ALL ZONES – You’re unique, so you need a lens that is perfectly tuned to you. With this bespoke lens, all zones: Distance, Intermediate and Near are made to measure to be perfect for you.


  • Vertex measured
  • Pantoscopic tilt of frame
  • Pano – wrap of frame

  • FOR HARD WORKING EYES that are too young for progressives
  • RAYSAFE™ – Our anti-reflective coating Include UV and Bluelight protection for an added advantage helping reduce eye strain
  • DIGITAL SURFACING – Gives a clear and accurate vision on every point of the lens
  • SLIGHT MAGNIFICATION ON LOWER PORTION OF LENS – A slight power variation (+0.6D) to help relieve eye strain and provide more comfort even after several hours periods looking at a fixed distance
  • Addition range (0.50-1.00),  Fitting Heights (14-20mm)

    The Optimist design is the go-to lens for everyday use, everywear. 

    • FOR HIGH QUALITY AND ACCURACY in an easy to wear progressive lens.
    • EASY TO WEAR IN ALL ENVIRONMENTS – This is the non-compensated design by Asahi-Lite and is optimized for maximum clarity in all zones without factoring in customized patient measurements.
    • OUR BALANCED DESIGN maximizes zones of visual acuity by 33% over conventional lenses. It is available in soft (balanced), short corridor, and hard (distance) focused designs.


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